New Colour Statue Series

New Colour Statue Series

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SYLC012G-10: Immaculate Heart of Mary 11 1/2" 

SYLC012G-112: Guardian Angel 12"

SYLC012G-12: Mother and Child 11 1/2"

SYLC012G-152: Holy Family 11 1/4"

SYLC012G-2: St.Michael 12"

SYLC012G-204: Good Shepherd 12"

SYLC012G-212: Our Lady of Fatima 12" 

SYLC012G-272: Sacred Heart of Jesus

SYLC012G-317: Miraculous 11"

SYLC012G-4: St.Joseph 11 1/4"

SYLC012G-422: Our Lady of Lourdes 11"

SYLC012G-6: Divine Mercy 12"

SYLC016G-265: Miraculous 16"

SYLC036G-16: St.Anthony 36"

SYLC036G-210: Good Shepherd 36"

SYLC036G-317: Miraculous 36"

SYLC036G-4: St.Joseph 36"

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